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“VMRay, Established a strategic partnership with PAGO Networks and re-entered the Korean/Asia Pacific market”

February 28, 2023

VMRay announced that it has signed a strategic distributor partnership with PAGO Networks, which provides managed detection and response services while working closely with several global security companies in the Korean cybersecurity market. Through the new distribution agreement, VMRay will re-enter and expand its reach into the fast-growing Korean market and provide PAGO Networks' partners and customers with innovative solutions equipped with automated detection and analysis technology for evolving malware and phishing threats. plan.

Paul Kwon (Youngmok Kwon), CEO of PAGO Networks, said, "Currently, companies in various industries are placing greater emphasis on cybersecurity, and they often turn to PAGO Networks' professional experience to introduce optimal security solutions in the market. In particular, the cybersecurity team They must handle large numbers of security alerts and respond quickly to events related to advanced malware and sophisticated phishing attacks, but often lack the manpower or security equipment to analyze them. VMRay's innovative Sandbox technology helps security teams accurately filter out many false positives through threat validation, clearly identify new malware variants, extract IOCs and threat intelligence applicable to other security solutions, and focus on high-priority events. It supports the flexibility to build an automated interconnection framework with many security solutions within the enterprise. PAGO Networks sees great potential to provide practical help to its customers through collaboration with VMRay.”

▲  Paul Kwon (Youngmok Kwon), CEO / PAGO Networks

PAGO Networks provides optimal security technology solutions and managed detection and response services, and is building an important role and foundation for mutual security development by forming long-term trust relationships with global vendors, channel partners, and customers. Accordingly, CEO Paul Kwon (Youngmok Kwon) said, “VMRay’s innovative sandbox technology and solutions are used by private sector companies, financial service organizations, high-tech companies, research institutes, etc. that have or want to have a CERT team, incident response team, detection response team, and SOC operation team. Strengthen security operations capabilities across all industries and sectors, including government and defense agencies. In particular, all organizations that are already using threat detection and response solutions or threat intelligence solutions such as EDR, NDR"

▲  Ian Schenkel, Head of Sales, APAC & EMEA / VMRay

Ian Schenkel, Head of Sales at VMRay, said “We look forward to a deeper collaboration with PAGO Networks and are excited to begin our business journey together. Pago Networks has what we are looking for as a true partner, with impressive customer trust across the security market and the technical knowledge and experience to bring VMRay solutions to market. VMRay must cooperate with business partners who propose and understand the value that customers should have, rather than simply providing solution functions. Through this collaboration with PAGO Networks, we will be able to provide better services to the Korean market, and together we will achieve mutually beneficial results for all partners and customers involved.”

About VMRay
VMRay provides cutting-edge technology for automated analysis and investigation of advanced malware and phishing threats, providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of threat intelligence, incident response, and security operations teams. VMRay integrates reputation analysis, static analysis, dynamic analysis, next-generation sandboxing, and AI machine learning analysis technologies into a single technology platform in its solution portfolio. VMRay has been pioneering the malware analysis industry since its founding in 2013, and has now earned an outstanding reputation globally in government and defense sectors, as well as the world's largest industrial and technology companies, international financial services institutions, and leading consulting/accounting companies.

About PAGO Networks
PAGO Networks is a security specialist that provides AI-based security products and PAGO DeepACT MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services. It improves customer security in an optimized manner with global EDR, NDR, and XDR solutions. PAGO Networks has a methodology, and in order to provide the same level of service to numerous customers. Also has the MDR center and serve as a trusted security partner for all customers through process automation and a practical response system.

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