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Good Morning Information Technology, Strategic Alliance with PAGO Networks... Full-scale entry into the MDR service business

June 19, 2023

MDR is a concept responsible for security in all areas within an organization… Potential customers can decide whether to continue the official service after experiencing services such as threat removal for one month.

Ju-Chan Lee, CEO at Goodmorning Information Technology said “We will focus our capabilities on customer information protection”… The goal is to provide managed total security framework with MDR service

▲ Officials from both Goodmorning Information Technology and PAGO Networks signed a strategic business alliance agreement at the headquarters of Goodmorning Information Technology in Sangam-dong. (From the left, PAGO Networks team leader Pyo Kwon, sales director Shin-cheol Choi, CEO Paul Kwon (YoungMok Kwon), Goodmorning Information Technology CEO Ju-chan Lee, Head of Information Security Business Young-han Yoon, and managing director Hyun-deok Shin)

Goodmorning Information Technology (CEO, Joo-Chan Lee) announced that it had recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with PAGO Networks (CEO, Paul Kwon / YoungMok Kwon), a company specializing in cybersecurity, for mutual cooperation in the MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service business.

With this agreement, Goodmorning Information Technology will provide PAGO Networks' MDR service 'DeepACT' as a service to detect and response for advanced threats to all organizations in various industries including about 600 existing customers that have the cybersecurity related issues.

The representative services of DeepAct MDR of PAGO Networks, which Goodmorning Information Technology will supply through this business partnership, include △Threat Cleaning △Policy Management △Emergency Threat Response △On-demand Threat Analysis and Response △Sharing Threat Insights DB Information △Threat Hunting △Compromise Assessment △Incident Response

The managed detection and response SOC, composed of threat analysts and threat research experts, provides advanced threat detection and response services at the same time. The MDR service provided by both companies can be used as a dedicated virtual Incident Response Team (CERT) or Security Operation Center (SOC) team for customers of all sizes in various areas such as OT/ICS, IT, cloud and data centers.

Representative artificial intelligence (AI)-based security solutions that work with MDR services are △ Operational Technology (OT) dedicated endpoint protection platform (EPP) ‘CylancePROTECT’ △ IT · Cloud · Data Center · PC · Server EPP/EDR 'SentinelOne', △XDR with big data-correlation, threat analysis platform 'Stellar Cyber'.

Customers who are concerned about information protection can apply for the MDR service to Goodmorning Information Technology and receive security incident analysis and response services over a period of one month. This includes the offiicial reports too. After that, it is up to the customer to decide whether or not to continue receiving the service. PAGO Networks explained that most of the organizations that experienced this free of charge service for a month wanted to receive the service continuously as a regular customer.

Joo-Chan Lee, CEO of Goodmorning Information Technology, said, “The final decision to detect and block advanced threats is ultimately up to security managers and experts. Goodmorning Information Technology is fully qualified to provide MDR service with total security capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Goodmorning Information Technology is expanding cooperation with companies in the information protection field and strengthening its security expertise and consulting capabilities. In the future, they plan to strengthen cooperation with promising technology-based companies.

PAGO Networks is a managed detection and response (MDR) cybersecurity company that not only provides Managed-EPP, Managed-EDR, Managed-NDR, and Managed-XDR, but also provides Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Compromise Assessment, TI sharing and attack surface management etc. ‘PAGO DeepACT MDR’ service works as a dedicated virtual CERT or SOC team for customers of all sizes in various areas such as OT/ICS, IT, cloud and data centers. It is applied to important industries such as energy, chemical, semiconductor, electric power, manufacturing, finance, medical, government and research fields, and PAGO Networks provides security solutions and MDR services to various customer verticals exposed to highly advanced threats.

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