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PAGO Networks, provides integrated security detection and response services with the Stellar Cyber Open-XDR platform

February 18, 2024

▲ PAGO Networks's MDR Service Platform

PAGO Networks(CEO, Paul Kwon) has been manually integrating various standalone security tools such as EDR, NTA, SIEM, UEBA, AD Security, Cloud Security, TI Interworking, and Sandbox tools into its existing MDR services. Previously, correlating analysis results from each of these tools made it nearly impossible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall security status. However, with the introduction of 'Stellar Cyber' as an Open-XDR platform within PAGO Networks's MDR Service, data from different tools is now automatically integrated and analyzed, enabling faster detection and response to security events for customers.

Stellar Cyber's Open-XDR platform correlates data inputs from all existing security tools (as well as data from your own sensors), analyzes anomalies, and prioritizes contextual security incidents in an intuitive dashboard. and the tool automatically responds to provide near real-time protection.
Stella Cyber's Open-XDR platform provides MDR security professionals like PAGO Networks with a single console to view their customers' entire security profile and quickly take action when threats are detected.

“We needed an MDR service system that processes threat data from multiple tools into an AI-based integrated big data system,” said Paul Kwon, CEO of PAGO Networks.
And about Stellar Cyber, which serves as the Open-XDR platform of PAGO MDR service, "It is a platform that integrates and interconnects data from various security tools, detects accurate security events through machine learning and AI, and responds immediately." He also said, "We leverage the Open-XDR platform to keep our customers secure while helping them manage their internal resources more effectively."

PAGO Networks introduced Stellar Cyber at K-CTI 2024, Korea's largest cyber threat intelligence conference. The following is a short video introducing the solution.

▵ K-CTI 2024 | PAGO Networks's Freemium threat detection & response, threat cleaning service | In front of the PAGO & Stellar Cyber booth

Link to the original article(Korean)- "파고네트웍스, 스텔라사이버 Open-XDR 플랫폼으로 통합 보안 탐지·대응 서비스 제공"

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