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PAGO Networks, Freemium MDR Service…Provide customers with practical and enhanced security response measures

February 18, 2024

▲ ‘Understanding PAGO MDR Service’ chapter

PAGO Networks (CEO, Paul Kwon) is the best company in Korea that applies AI-based detection and response solutions and provides incident response and threat blocking MDR services. Currently, it is providing MDR services along with AI-based security solutions such as Cyance, Star Cyber, and SentinelOne to more than 400 customer companies, contributing to the strengthening of practical customer information protection based on domestic-specific threat data accumulated for seven years.

Regardless of what security products customers use, they are providing Freemium threat response services in conjunction with Open-XDR Stellar Cyber and SentinelOne.
Customers can use EPP, EDR, NDR, and OpenXDR all in conjunction with each other, and even integrate the advanced human technology of PAGO Networks. PAGO is planning to process this and provide platformed services.

The following is a video introducing Pago Networks' premium MDR service at K-CTI 2024(Korea's largest cyber threat intelligence conference)

▵ K-CTI 2024 / Service & Products introduction video (Korean) / PAGO Networks's Freemium threat detection & response, threat cleaning service

Link to the original article(Korean)- "파고네트웍스, 프리미엄 MDR 서비스…고객에 실질적 보안 대응방안 강화 제공"

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